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Red range 11 carp feeder удилище фидерное

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Red Range 9’ 6” Mini Carp Feeder Drennan

Описание от производителя ,новинка 2012 года.

Drennan Red Range Mini Carp Feeder Rod 9'6"

Ideal reel lines 3lb to 6lb

Hook lengths  2 1/2lb to 5lb

Supplied with 1oz and 2oz slow taper glass tips

Ideal for casting bombs and small feeders 20 to 25 metres

At just 9ft 6" this adaptable little feeder rod is an ideal length for small commercial waters and for all close range work.

Its reduced length helps with positioning for both bite detection and striking in tight, confined swims and brings fish closer in for quick easy netting.

The mini carp feeder is ideal for silverfish and F1s where its forgiving through action helps to avoid hook pulls, and there is enough power in the mid and lower section of the carbon blank to handle Tench, Bream and average size commercial Carp.


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